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Anti Wrinkle Injections

Using botulinum toxin


Area                            Standard           Enhanced

Forehead                     from £150*          £180

Frown lines                  from £150*          £180

Crows Feet                  from £150*          £180

*Price for standard dosing


Discount for any combination of these popular treatment areas when bought together.


Deal                            Standard           Enhanced

2 areas for                  £200*                 £240        

3 areas for                  £250*                 £300

*Price for standard dosing


Enhanced Dosing

Higher dose for stubbon or deeper set wrinkles

Our standard treatments with additional top-up's within 30 days included. 


Other treatment areas include:

Jawline Slimming £300

Neck Lift & Plastysmal Bands £350

Eyebrow lift £120

Bunny lines £120

Gummy Smiles £120

Pebble/ dimple chin £120


Other treatments

Hyperhidrosis (Excessive under arm sweating) £400



Lip Filler/ Lip Augmentation

0.5ml  £150     

1ml     £250

1.5ml  £325

2ml     £375 


Cheek Enhancement

£250 1ml,

£375 2ml

Additional 1ml charged at 50% per 1ml syringe


Perioral Rejuvenation

Nasolabial Lines £250 1ml

Downturn corners of mouth - Marionette lines £250 1ml

Smokers lines/ upper lip lines £250 1ml



Under eye filler /Tear trough/ dark circles  £320 1ml


Facial Sculpting - Profile enhancement

Chin and Jawline sculpting £300 for 1ml 

Additional 1ml charged at 50% per 1ml syringe

Non surgical nose job/ Rhinoplasty £400



Juvederm volift/vobella/voluma £1ml 300


Hand rejuvenation £300

Filler correction/disolving - £100





We love it when our clients are happy with their results. We examine the whole face rather than one area, which is why we often recommend treatments that complement eachother for the best results. 

At Nouvique Medical Aesthetics we are pleased to offer our special collection of anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatment packages. Each is tailored to giving the best results and save you money on the usual price. We can also create bespoke packages on request.

Nouvique Glamour

Lips & Cheek filler (2ml)

£335 (saving 40%)

add eyebrow lift for just £50




Nouvique Mini Facelift

3 areas of botox*, 2 syringes filler

Package price £575





Nouvique Non- Surgical Facelift

3 areas of botox*, Cheek filler (1 or 2ml), Nasolabial and Marrioette lines


Package Price 1ml £720

Package Price 2ml £830




Nouvique Oral Rejuve

Lip or smokers lines filler, Nasolabial Folds, Marrionette lines, Nasolabial folds


Package Price £450

Add on additional syringe for £125




Nouvique Coutour Refine

Cheek Filler (1ml or 2ml), Jawline Slimming Botox or Filler, Chin Sculpting


Package Price 1ml £600

Package Price 2ml £740

*includes standard dosing



Nouvique Smile

Gummy Smile Botox, lip filler


Package Price 0.5ml £245

Package Price 1.0ml £335




Nouvique Enhanced Jawline

Jawline filler (1ml) or Jawline Slimming (botox), Chin sculpting


Package Price £380

Add on additional syringe for £125


Nouvique Beautification

Lip filler 1ml, Jawline slimming or filler, Cheeks 1ml, Chin



Lip filler 1ml, Jawline slimming or filler, Cheeks 2ml, Chin


Package Price £700

add eyebrow lift for just £50




Nouvique Profile Refine 

Non surgical nose job, chin sculpting


Package Price £450





Nouvique Eye Rejuve

Under eye/ tear trough filler

Crows feet botox & Frown lines, Eye browlift

Usually priced at £680


Package Price £580




Nouvique Gold Deluxe Transformation Package


A bespoke package - created just for you


Nouvique Medical Aesthetics can create a package just for you. Based on combining the treatments you want as a whole treatment package.

An example like below would usually cost £2300 if booked separately over time.


Nose refine – tip lift £400

Jawline filler / Slimming Botox £300

Tear trough £320

Cheeks 2mls £375

Nasolabial 1ml £250

Marionette lines 1ml £250

Lips £125

Plus 3x areas of Botox 300 *Enhanced dose


Example 8ml filler package deal for as little as £1250

Book online for your free consultation 






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