Marionette Lines



As we age, we lose essential fat in the upper to mid face which leads to soft tissues in the face to begin to drop downwards. Marionette lines are the lines from the corners of the mouth running downwards to the jaw. As we age these can become more defined and make us look sad or unhappy.


As the cheeks above lose fat the Marionette lines can begin to appear deeper and lead eventually to formation of jowls on the jawline.

With the use of a medium density hyaluronic acid we can help restore the loss of underlying structure and volume and lift the corners to create a youthful refreshed look to the lower face.


It is also important for anyone who wishes to treat down turned corners of the mouth (Marionette lines) and/or lines either side of the nose (Nasolabial lines) to first look at treating the cheeks. Many of us may look in the mirror and gently lift our cheeks and think “Do I need a facelift !!” Well as it goes – augmentation of the cheeks can give you a lift in the mid to lower face which works well either on its own or with filler to the Nasolabial and/or Marionette lines. This also works well with lip augmentation which can also create a lift to the corners of the mouth.


How is it done?


After some topical anaesthetic cream is applied, we inject a medium density dermal filler around and above the marionette lines before moulding and shaping to create a natural looking refreshed look.


Will it look natural?


At Nouvique Medical Aesthetics we believe in delivering safe aesthetic treatments which are individualised to each of our clients.

We are proud to deliver subtle and natural looking enhancements by working with clients to create an individualised treatment plan tailored to their desired goals.






10 - 12 Months


Possible injection-site swelling and minor bruising can occur



Topical anesthetic numbing cream before proceedure

Product usually contains local anaesthetic.



 30-40 mins



Back to work




£150 0.5ML

£250 1 ML

Additional syringes charged at 50% of 1ml


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