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A well proportioned profile has always been considered a thing of beauty and the exact proportions have been studied and defined by artists and used by aesthetic medical professionals to guide procedures.


A strong jawline can be the most striking feature of a person’s appearance, but also a sagging jawline can be a sign of ageing.

Dermal fillers can be used to enhance the chin and jawline to make it appear stronger or to harmonise it with other facial features. Filling the jawline angle improves definition but can also produce a face lift effect. It frequently has an impact on mildly saggy skin by tightening excess skin in the neck and laxity under the chin when injected along the prejowl area, jawline and the chin


A non-surgical augmentation can bring about subtle, but effective changes to the size, shape, and projection of the chin.  Strengthening a weak or recessed chin can help create a stronger-looking jaw line, while dramatically improving overall facial balance


Chin & Jawline augmentation with dermal fillers has become the near instant approach to improve beauty and confidence with minimal risk, no down time and instant results that last 16 -24 months. *dependent on product, location and metabolism 



Expert use of dermal fillers can achieve results without surgery. Fillers can be used to sculpt the chin, better define the jawline, correct a small chin, balance uneven jaw profile or build a more prominent chin to achieve a more pleasing facial shape.


Our jawbone actually degenerates and shrinks very slowly with age, resulting in a recessing of the chin area. Fillers can help reverse this effect by rebuilding the lost volume and achieve chin augmentation without surgery. A more prominent chin and jaw definition can also help hide early neck laxity.


How is a non-surgical chin augmentation performed?

During a non-surgical chin augmentation, the size and position of the chin is improved by injecting temporary dermal fillers into the chin. By placing injections strategically, we can help build the size of the chin, reshape an irregular chin, or bring the chin into balance with the overall facial profile. 


How can I tell if I have a recessive chin?

To see if you have a ‘recessive’ chin, you can take a profile picture and draw a straight line from the inner part of your eyebrow, down past your nostril to your chin. If the line is straight, then your face is in proportion; however, if the line veers back towards your neck this indicates a ‘recessive’ chin which means you may benefit from chin augmentation with dermal fillers.


Possible injection-site swelling and minor bruising can occur



Topical anesthetic numbing cream before proceedure

Product usually contains local anaesthetic.



 30-40 mins



Back to work




£300 2ML

£250 1 ML

Additional syringes charged at 50% of 1ml (£125)






10 - 18 Months

*dependent on product, location and metabolism 


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